About us

Mi Garba: a taste of Tuscany in New York

Family owned and operated, Mi Garba is a true Tuscan wine bar offering a wide range of authentic drinks and dishes, prepared in Italy’s most internationally loved region and air-shipped to the USA. We want you and your friends to have a memorable time sampling the “sweet life” we know and love from our years in Tuscany.

Family is everything at Mi Garba, and once you set foot inside, you’re part of ours.

Testimonial Andrea Tempestini
Andrea Tempestini
Mi Garba Founder

What we do

At Mi Garba, quality, authenticity and hospitality are our top priorities. Whether you pop in for a midday coffee break, a light lunch or our bustling happy hours, you’ll enjoy our unique blend of Big Apple sophistication with the leisurely, enviable elements of the traditional Tuscan lifestyle.

Tuscany in New York

Fine food, wine and design are three core components of the trademark Tuscan lifestyle. At Mi Garba, our aim is to bring the best of our home region to the Big Apple. Mi Garba’s got a modern Manhattan feel, but come inside and you’ll quickly discover that everything from the decadent wines to the made-to-measure furniture is produced in the heart of Italy.

Our Team

Giuseppe Caiazza

Store Manager

Perzeus Forte

Hospitality Team

Christina Hernandez

Hospitality Team

Ian Koranek

Hospitality Team

Dylan Shweky

Hospitality Team